How to minimize racism in America

On the controversy of our possible future president, Barack Obama, I feel compelled to address the overblown and rampant racism being expressed against him by some elements of the xenophobic media. It seems that this issue begs the question of how to marginalize racism.

First, there needs to be “conversational intolerance,” i.e. neither Stalinist intolerance by use of gulags, nor laws against racism or ignorance. This simply means that people need to start thinking and discussing differently — applying the pressure of conversation to racism. There should be media and art depicting racists, racism, and ethnicities in a different way. The goal must be to make racist dogmas completely foolish and ridiculous to hold by having them criticized, lampooned, ridiculed, and eroded from a thousand sides in our culture.

There must also be positive work done, as well. We must offer rational, satisfying alternatives to bogus racist dogmatism. We have to talk about treating other human beings in a compelling and rich way that is justifiable scientifically. We must paint very stark contrasts in our public discourse with regards to legitimate claims of certainty, science, and ethics centered on human happiness. Only then can we cure this disease, which has infected the smallest minds among us.


~ by jsacc001 on March 5, 2008.

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