Diversion Media

In a ‘democratic’ society such as the United States, a large majority of people go about their business oblivious to the issues that may affect their lives. Often, these people do not have any sufficient background or reasonableness to safely guide their own courses of action on things that may impact their lives. They use faith or ‘gut feeling’, not reason, to make their decisions. Their opinions on important matters are ‘manufactured’ by the elite, articulate, crafty political class (oligarchs and socially mobile people). This is ‘for their own good’ as the political class like to put it. The political class like to view the public in this way, so they must invent a system for indoctrination of the people.

In order for the ‘ignorant masses’ to be ineffective at affecting the important issues, business and political leaders have to create a diversion that reduces the ability to think. The big media have filled up our televisions, bookstores, newspapers, grocery store checkout lines, etc. with media whose sole purpose is to distract “Joe 6-pack” from thinking about important topics. This miasma should be called diversion media. Diversion media presents us with absolute categories of the world (good vs. evil, for example). It shortens our attention spans, diminishes our conversational and argumentative skills, and makes a simple-minded show of the most complex ideas. It includes: the astrology and sports pages in newspapers, cheesy romance novels in supermarket chains, ‘infotainment,’ and tabloids, among other things.

Another crucial example of diversion media is the business that has grown up around competitive sports. A manifestation of this is the NFL programming. The way the media present sports promotes blinding submissive attitudes toward authority and group-think. Furthermore, it makes loyalty seem always good, and opposition always bad. This thinking is manifested in the countless ads and sports sections that reach our living rooms everyday.

Every aspect of the media has a functional objective. The purpose of diversion media is strictly to dull the mind, and diminish the capacity to think. It is mind-rot, and we should curb sanctioning and diverting our attention to this sort of media. If we do not, we risk becoming clay in the hands of those in power.

~ by jsacc001 on March 17, 2008.

One Response to “Diversion Media”

  1. The simple fact that people now sit at home and watch hours and hours of television with shows like “American Idol” and “Who wants to Marry an ugly rapper who was big ten years ago” goes to show why there has been no progress in the fields of intellect in recent years. People used to sit at home and rerad books, the newspaper, talk. Most of our great works in philosophy come from responses submitted by the likes of Kant and Hobbes in response to government sponsored essay competitions. It’s crazy to bnelieve that governments once asked people to think, now it seems like thats the last thing they want the populace to be doing.A clear example of this is the fact that bill was proposed in congress to remove civics from our educational system. WTF?!

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