Another anniversary of infamy

“Men have learned gradually to free their God from the savagery with which the primitive Israelites endowed him; few now believe that it is his pleasure to torture most of the human race in an eternity of hell-fire. But they have not learned to free their national ideals from the ancient taint. Devotion to the nation is perhaps the deepest and most widespread religion of the present age. Like the ancient religions, it demands its persecutions, its holocausts, its lurid, heroic cruelties; like them, it is noble, primitive, brutal and mad.” – Bertrand Russell

Today, March 19th, is the fifth anniversary of the start of a great tragedy, one that has taken away the moral high ground of the United States (or what was left of it). The dedicated, foolish, lying crook-in-chief, turned this country into a sinking ship with his mass-murdering petroleum rampage (among the other disastrous things he has done to the world). Perhaps, he was just making up for all the blood he did not get to spill in Vietnam, at a time when he a drunken frat-boy who was the living embodiment unearned privilege — a gentleman’s “C”.

He and his henchmen (specifically, the Project for the New American Century) have hijacked this republic to profit from invading and looting other people’s countries. He has arrogantly grabbed the reigns of power, and abused the trust of the American people. Anyone who had a healthy mistrust of government has hardly any trust left due to the authoritarian nature of his administration. He is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, yet now he sits in office, mocking with a smirk what was left of our republic, and wiping his behind with the Constitution. He is responsible for the further ruin of at least three countries (Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan), and the deaths of millions of people. He is also eligible for being accused of war crimes. May Americans pledge to never stand for this sort of tyranny again.


~ by jsacc001 on March 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Another anniversary of infamy”

  1. Did you mean looting?

  2. Many thanks for correcting the typo 🙂

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