Response to Christian apologetics websites

You raised some valid criticism about some Christians knowing the history of Easter, and I amended my post accordingly. To address the unfounded criticisms you made, see my post “The myth of secular impoverishment,” and Sam Harris’ “10 myths-and 10 Truths-About Atheism.” Other secularists have lampooned the idea that “Atheism is such a shallow life to live – miserable, dull and boring, and [lacking of] spirit,” so often and so well that I need not disprove it here. I also never said that celebrations or holidays should be done away with — only that people know why they are celebrating Easter. If you could interpret better, I also never made the ridiculous suggestion that the celebration of Easter (or anything else) should abruptly end because it falls on a pagan holiday (or because it is “primitive”). Unfortunately, your criticism glaringly betrays foolish reliance on several scandalously false myths about rationalists. It is obviously another Christian attempt to “turn the other cheek.”

The link to the specific site is:


~ by jsacc001 on March 21, 2008.

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