The virus of political correctness

Seven years ago, this country suffered a nightmare. It was one that was carried out by nineteen professional middle class men who lived in civil societies. They were not the victims of terrible economic or political injustices. They simply believed in the metaphysics of martyrdom, and that dying for one’s faith was the best thing one could ever hope to do.

Yet, a significant amount of people think this was not the fault of religion. “That wasn’t religion. That was extremism,” I heard someone say after the attack. I wanted to ask him, “Extremism about what, exactly?” It was not political or economic ideology to be sure. Euphemisms were created after the attack to appeal to religious sensibilities. Another day I heard the claim, “Everything has its extremists like that.” Wrong. There are some religions, worldviews, and life stances that have never, and will never create extremists like that (for instance, Jainism, whose core theme is non-violence).

Suicide bombing should really be something close to impossible to get a person to do. Yet, once sloppy thinking and bad ethics enter the mind by way of dubious metaphysics, horrible consequences will follow. Is it too controversial to say this in public? Yes. Should it be? No, unless we want to continue to live amongst people who hold barbaric medieval beliefs.

It is time we come to realize that these acts were inspired by a book thought to be authored by the ‘Creator of the universe,’ whose main contribution to humanity has been, thus far, literature (not performing arts, or film, or digital media), which is thought to be very prescient of human needs. The people who committed these acts believed the Creator of the universe is the author of their favorite ancient text. How is this any more embarrassing than believing the Creator is a disc jockey or a golfer?

People do not tolerate stupidity in public discourse, they just tolerate religious stupidity. They do so, and pay the price for it everyday as evidenced by bomb blasts. They do not realize that the price of respecting destructive beliefs is much higher than the price of criticizing those beliefs. Free speech is worthless without its use. What good are freedoms if they are not used? How long will it be before it becomes widely socially acceptable to ridicule and realize religious dogmatism is the problem? I will not wait. I will do it now, before my world becomes fully engulfed by ancient superstition and its horror, and while my neighbors ‘look the other way.’

~ by jsacc001 on March 26, 2008.

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