“There’s a lot lacking”

This is what someone close to me told me today when they suspected that I did not have faith in the miracle that allegedly happened at Lourdes, France.  She said, with a smug tone of voice, “There’s a lot lacking.” Indeed. Having “a lot lacking” is a true consequence of not having faith. There are many things I lack. I lack a bogus claim to truth. I lack being credulous to shameless bunk. I lack smugness about the way I think the world is. I lack a widespread mental crutch instilled in me since my innocent childhood years. I lack the need to turn to delusion for meaning, love, and beauty in my life.

What I do not lack is the strength to keep on living with a fantastical celestial Santa Claus figure who watches when I’m sleeping, and knows when I’m awake (who knows if I’ve been bad or good, and so on). I do not lack the personal strength, self esteem, independence of mind, and curiosity to not believe whatever my parents (or authority) tell me to. If a life without faith is lacking, it is only from the point of view of the religious.

~ by jsacc001 on May 2, 2008.

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