My take on “Wafergate”

Here is a link to the PZ Myers’ blog where it unfolded

I wish religious people could recognize the strangeness of their religiously-motivated actions, particularly defending a wafer from desecration. Imagine if someone believed that saying a few words over their frosted cereal turned the cereal into the body of the Tony the Tiger. This person would be thought insane by a massive percentage of people. Yet if one believes in the transfiguration of the wafer into the body of a 2,000-year-old prophet, this would be socially acceptable. These beliefs are equivalent in their absurdity and disconnection from the way reality works. No reasonable person nowadays thinks sacrificing a goat or a person to a weather god will end a drought. We know through science that these events will have no affect on precipitation levels. The same must be widely acknowledged about giving a wafer the same moral considerations as a human. No one has ever actually proved that the God of the Bible really exists, but that this weather god does not. Therefore they are both equally unworthy of our belief in them, but only one of these still has a significant following. No one should worry about offending either of these non-existent gods. People who believe in gods who manifest themselves as wafers need to have a better sense of humor. And, they should be more aware of how amusingly irrational their beliefs are.


~ by jsacc001 on July 25, 2008.

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