The closing education gap between the U.S. and China

With the miasma of ignorant public servants, the rise of fundamentalist religion, and other junk thought, our educational system is in dire straits. Our neighbors are quickly reaching for our spot atop the world economy. Some of the ways they are doing this are: improving primary education and reforming secondary education for the needs of the world economy. In China, for example, all high school students must take courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. Chinese students also spend many more hours at school and doing homework than American students. China has figured out what it takes to compete with the U.S. by providing better science education than American public schools. If the U.S. educational system is to provide the best education in the world, it must get its head out of the sand (a good place to start would be to have presidents and school board members who accept the theory of evolution, and who can distinguish between pious rubbish and science). Ignorance works like a positive feedback system — the more there is of it now, the more it will be multiplied. As Ben Franklin said, “The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.”


~ by jsacc001 on August 20, 2008.

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