McCain Puts the World at Risk with Sarah Palin at His Side

By now it should be of concern to every thoughtful person that Sarah Palin could be a heartbeat away from the controlling the most powerful army in the world and its nuclear arsenal. I acknowledge that the sound points both McCain and Obama supporters and other partisans sometimes make in argument. However, this personal issue of warning is a nonpartisan call for action.

It would be highly irresponsible of the American people to let Palin be a blood clot, stroke, or cancer bout away from being able to “press the button,” send troops to any part of the globe, and impose her illiberal, theocratic morality on the people. An impending Palin presidency is not only a matter of national security, but also of global security. This is perhaps the most dangerous political event in my short lifetime because of the recent proximity of Sarah Palin to potentially gain the Presidency from a man with many health problems, which would be compounded by the stresses of being President. The chances of McCain dying in office increase if he wins a second term.

I learned much from Palin’s interview on ABC with Charles Gibson. The unhesitating and unreflective way in which she accepted the V.P. spot in the McCain campaign should scare even the person least interested in national affairs (she told ABC’s Charles Gibson, “You cannot blink.”) . She appears willing to do any job without giving a moment’s thought. Palin has only been a governor for eighteen months in a state with a population of about 670,000 people, has never met a foreign head-of-state, and only got her first passport in July 2007. This makes her extremely lacking and dangerously unqualified to potentially become leader of the free world, and deal with both our friends and enemies. (One can just imagine what a spectacle it would be to see her chatting with foreign heads-of-state and dignitaries at, say, a G8 summit.)

Palin’s friends also do not seem to be looking out for the best interests of a pluralistic open society. One can tell much from the company and beliefs another person keeps. The congregation of her church reportedly has been preaching that the Iraq war is God’s will, that the crisis in the Middle East is God’s retribution on Jews for not accepting Jesus, and that people who criticize President Bush are going to hell. She is in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade, and believes dinosaurs and humans coexisted 6,000 years ago (“when the Earth was created”). She is a Rapture-ready fundamentalist extremist (more fanatical than President Bush). By her words and her past 44 years, one can see how detached from reality, confident in ignorance, extreme in religious dogmatism, and plainly vulgar she is. These characteristics have attracted many of the same sort of people to the McCain campaign. (“She knows what it’s like to be a mom,” which begs the question “Does a small-town hockey mom like her know what it would be like to shape the future of civilization, prioritize threats to the common good of humanity, and decide the fate of millions?”) As Susan Jacoby wrote, “McCain has insulted all women by thinking they would vote for any woman,” and “equally important, though, is what the choice of Palin says about McCain–that he has abandoned all of the “maverick” stands that made the Christian right distrust him in the past…Palin’s extreme right-wing religious beliefs are the biggest part of who she is” (The Nomination Of Sarah Palin: Religious Extremism Triumphant).

Truly, it should be more than clear that it is not in the best interest of the human species to have Sarah Palin anywhere near gaining control of the most powerful country in history. If you care at all about future generations, the country and the planet it is a part of, you will heed this call to keep more intelligent and better-educated people in positions to decide the course of history.

~ by jsacc001 on September 23, 2008.

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