My Problems with McCain and Obama in the First Presidential Debate

Here are my issues with McCain:

1. He said that under Obama’s plan, the government would choose your doctor. That is complete hogwash. Obama would only make sure everyone had insurance. McCain was just cynically relying on people’s healthy distrust of government to scare them.

2. No new taxes. How are we going to pay off this deficit without raising any taxes on anybody? Just going after earmark spending (especially that $18 billion he mentioned) is going to solve it? Our deficit is over $10 trillion dollars. It pales in comparison to all the money wasted on things like corporate welfare, arms deals, and the Iraq war, for example.

3. $300 billion tax cut for businesses. Right. He wants to give all that money to the top 1% of the country – to corporations that have no need for tax breaks. Meanwhile, the middle class will shrink.

4. He thinks the surge was responsible for all the success Iraq has had in the last two years. Wrong. The Anbar Awakening that happened before the surge was the event that brought “success.”

5. He called out Obama for saying “out loud” that he would go into Pakistan without its government’s permission to get Osama. McCain implicitly said he would do the same when he said “You don’t say that out loud!” Also, McCain sang “Bomb, bomb Iran,” and talked about killing Iranians with cigarettes.

6. He does not want to talk to Russia. The U.S. needs Russia to deal help it deal with Iran. Russia is practically Iran’s best friend. Also, Russia owns about all the fossil fuel pipelines to Europe. (I do not know if it owns all the oil pipelines, now, with its invasion of Georgia.) It would indeed be a very bad move to alienate Russia, (*feigned worry*) especially since it’s right outside Palin’s window.

7. He wants more offshore oil drilling. Many economists and experts have said that the oil would take years to get to us, and that its influence on prices would be like “a drop in a bucket” by the time it reached our gas stations.

8. He thinks America is safer after 9/11. I have not seen such delusion except in the case of the current President. One need only say that now al Qaeda is in Iraq, but before the invasion, it was not there. America’s image has also been in ruins after two wars, a gulag, and ignoring the world’s most pressing issues like climate change, water shortages, and deforestation. The increasing hubris and black-and-white mentality of the United States has alienated even our friends in Europe. More Muslims support terrorism than before 9/11, even in relatively Westernized countries like Turkey.

9. He said he wants alternative energy. He actually voted against it twenty-three times, and he said we need to increase our dependence on coal. He also wants more nuclear power plants, which is not a smart move if his campaign is about “national security.” That’s more infrastructure to protect, radiation, and possibilities of meltdowns. (Speaking of infrastructure: McCain did not offer to repair our third-world-country infrastructure, but Obama did.)

10. At the end of the speech, he once again cynically used his POW experience for political gain, and said that the veterans know he will take care them. He voted against veterans’ benefits more than once. Apparently, being in a stuck in a box for all those years did not teach him a thing about giving our veterans the compensation they deserve (or about the value of human life).

11. He said he would cut the budget of everything except the Department of Defense (War) budget. This just shows me how irresponsible and ignorant he is about domestic policy! I thought he was some insane war hawk when he said that. As Obama eloquently put it, “The problem is that you’re using a mallet, rather than a scalpel.” What about programs that are under-funded? How about our fourth-rate public school system, which does not equip people with the thinking skills to immediately realize Sarah Palin is a joke? You’re going to cut the school and health-care budgets, too? How will we still be world leaders in science and technology without the best public education in the world? How do you think we can defend (read: project power) ourselves if there is a brain drain in this country, Mr. McWar? You say we don’t have money for social services, but we somehow have money for the wars?

12. He thinks Iraq is the central issue of our time. Actually, how we deal with climate change will have a greater impact on a larger number people, so it will be the central issue of our time. He also spent so much time attacking Obama that he failed to say how his Iraq policy would be different from Bush’s. So much for being a maverick, McSame. I am surprised Obama did not bring up the fact that McCain said we could be in Iraq for a hundred years, and that McCain said we would be greeted as liberators. Furthermore, our focus on the area centered on Iraq has caused us to turn a blind eye to large strategic areas of the world, namely, South America and Africa, where China is rapidly expanding its sphere of influence as it races to find more capital and natural resources.

13. He tried to cast himself as a maverick. Fail! Fail! Fail! He said on television that he has sided with Bush more than any other senator – ninety percent of the time, in fact. And, he was proud of it back then. He hung up his maverick outfit the day he said Bush’s tax cuts should be permanent.

14. He is not sure whether Spain is aligned with the US. Now he will not even talk to our long-time European allies? As David Letterman said, there must be “something in his Metamucil.”

Here are my issues with Obama:

1. He is for a missile defense shield. He had it right when he said the biggest threat we face is a nuclear bomb in a suitcase. Obama is very knowledgeable about nuclear proliferation. But, a missile defense system is a gimmick, and a signal to start an arms race. Anyone who launched missiles at us would be annihilated.

2. He wants more Eastern European countries in NATO. Way to threaten an increasingly dangerous Russia. We need to stop intimidating Russia. We need Russia to be friendly to Europe, and to help us with Iran.

3. He is for biofuel. I hope he was not talking about ethanol. It is a nonviable alternative to gasoline, and exasperates world hunger. It also makes food more expensive because it has to have its own farmland.

4. He wants to go into Pakistan without permission from its government. That will destabilize the only Muslim nuclear power, and we do not need those nukes falling into the wrong hands.

5. When he spoke of South America, he spoke of it as if it was supposed to be a protectorate the United States. He used the phrase “power projection,” which by now has become an infamous indicator of agreement with neoconservative views on foreign policy. I think that whole region probably became infuriated when he talked of projecting power, and competing with China there. Still, it is perhaps better to have a more progressive President dealing with South America than a racist neoconservative.

In conclusion, both candidates worry me. But, McCain worries me more by far. He looks even more dangerous than President Bush. If McCain gets elected, we are looking at the possibility of more and wider wars, and the total collapse of the American and world economy. I could accept the McCain of 2000, but the McCain of 2008 is a burden this country cannot afford (so is his death if he becomes President). Obama would be a much safer choice, but one to still be cautious about. At least he has Joe Biden by his side, so there is hope that the above-mentioned policies (which are bad, in my view) will not come to pass.

~ by jsacc001 on September 29, 2008.

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