The Return of the McCarthyist

Rep. Michele Bachmann should be held accountable and reprehended for her extremist, odious, outrageous statements made on Chris Matthews’ Hardball. She brought up every Sean Hannity/Bill O’Reilly rubric: radical, leftist, Ayers, Rezko, liberal, anti-American, et cetera. Towards the end of her interview, she echoed J. McCarthy (or Stalin, whichever one prefers): Congress members needs to be investigated for anti-American activities. This is what has become the face of the Republican Party – a Party that confuses dissenters with traitors and terrorists. Ann Coulter did it, Sarah Palin did it, John McCain did it, and now, Michele Bachmann can be added to that despicable list.

As one watches the discourse of Michele Bachmann, one can see the disbelief on Chris Matthews’ face as he hears what basically sounds like a far-right kook calling for all Congressional Democrats to be rounded up. He probably expected the next thing she was going to say was that she was going to re-establish the House Un-American Acitivities Committee. This is truly shocking and horrifying coming from a Congress member. This furthermore backs up the previous post about Sarah Palin representing the Republican Party’s “Flirting with Fascism.” Any person who thinks authoritarianism cannot emerge in the United States should think again.

Here is an excellent analysis of Michele Bachmann’s claims from Intelligent by Design.

Here is a petition to Congress for the censure of Michele Bachmann.


~ by jsacc001 on October 18, 2008.

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