The Choice Concerning Foreign Policy

Barack Obama has the overwhelming endorsement of the world, and shows more tempered judgment and open-mindedness than John McCain.

Senator McCain can talk all he wants about his “foreign policy experience,” and attack Barack Obama for supposedly having weaker credentials in addressing international issues. However, polls show that if the world could vote, it would vote for Sen. Obama, overwhelmingly. The only two countries surveyed that would endorse McCain are the Philippines and Georgia, not exactly the powers the U.S. needs to deal with the most. It is a fact that the vast majority of people on this planet would have a better image of the United States if Sen. Obama was president. Many international polls demonstrate this time and again. A great many more governments would be willing to sit down with Sen. Obama, if he was elected.

According to polls, John McCain is seen as another condescending, unilateral Dubya. In other words, he would be seen as a follower of a ruinous leader’s disastrous policies. And, Palin is seen around the world plainly as a joke, especially in Europe. Furthermore, McCain has been endorsed by the very people he is keen on punishing, al-Qda, who want, according to their site, an “impetuous American leader” who would exhaust the United States militarily because he “pledged to continue the war till the last American soldier.” What this could mean is that, in al-Qda’s view, Obama would act more prudently and rationally, and less recklessly and impulsively than McCain should another attack occur. In contrast to McCain, Obama represents a rejuvenating bright new beacon of hope to many, comparable to the way they viewed John F. Kennedy. In fact, there are billboards in Europe with Obama’s face next to Kennedy’s, and Obama’s visit to Europe and Israel demonstrated the widespread support he has from the people there. The United States would enjoy a much better reputation around the world with Obama as president.  It seems more countries would be more willing to work with the United States on such pressing matters as global warming, human rights, counter-terrorism, water and food shortages, trade agreements, disease, etc.

Truly, John McCain has shown himself to be at times more radical and genocidal than George W. Bush what with his yearning to paint the world in black and white, and assert dictatorial hegemony on the world with his proposed “League of Democracies” (which would infuriate anti-American sentiment worldwide), involvement with the USCWF and the ultra conservative Anti-Communist League and Iran-Contra scandal, his disregard of U.N. mandates and consensus, his lack of a real plan to extract American soldiers from Iraq, and his pursuit of warmongering with Iran and Russia (even distastefully and frighteningly joking several times about killing Iranian civilians). So hot-headed and militaristic is he that he is actually the preferred candidate of Islamist terrorists, who say they wish to wear out the United States economically, over-stretch its military forces, and use bristling American military might as a recruitment tool. This is not at all spin. One can see this by reading the chatter on their websites, which the government monitors. Also, his pick of unqualified, inexperienced, over-zealous Sarah Palin is tremendously irresponsible for someone who says he has deep concerns about foreign policy.

Obama is almost the antithesis of McCain. His only two foreign policy problems are in escalating the war in Afghanistan, and not drastically reducing the “Defense” budget, something he should do if he is to have funding for the rest of his policies.  However, he does have Joseph Biden as his Vice Presidential candidate (who has deep foreign policy expertise), the endorsement of “pragmatist” General Colin Powell, the support of about sixty Nobel Laureates, and a plan to draw down the war in Iraq (McCain chases after some ill-defined victory). Obama also wants to reform the U.N., and has a serious plan to get Tehran off its nuclear ambitions with more credibility than Bush or McCain could offer. Throughout the course of his campaign, Barack Obama has shown himself to be more diplomatic, rational, and prudent than his Republican competitor, while still projecting solid strength in all areas of international concern.  By observing these data, Obama would make a better commander-in-chief of the armed forces and negotiator-in-chief of the diplomatic arena.


~ by jsacc001 on October 24, 2008.

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