Meditation’s Mindful Messages

Recently, I have been exploring in depth the insights I have received by incorporating meditation into my lifestyle with the encouragement and support of my newly-made friends, whom I would treat as my relatives because of how close we have grown meditating as a group. As a result, many profound changes to my consciousness have occurred, and they are undoubtedly caused by my new habits of awareness brought on by the transformations in my neurology. I also made numerous changes to my sources of nutrition by switching to a vegetarian diet, reducing intake of processed sugar, and stopping my consumption of caffeine.

It has always been a goal of mine to be able to change the narrative in my brain that always seems to assume too much authority about the content of my consciousness, and to able to get across my ideas to my neighbors more readily and at a deeper level than in my everyday conversation. In other words, to be able to discuss the most sublime thoughts about human existence in a free and open way, helped on by the shared experience of deep meditation and self-reflection.

After enduring twelve days of training in meditation with a number of my peers, and nine days of meditating by myself, I feel that I have greater self-awareness both psychologically and physiologically along with a greater sense of initiative, discipline, responsibility, confidence, assertiveness, resilience, and outlook on all sorts of neurosis, which includes negative emotions about my past and future. I have revealed and reshaped my way of living by being more being more outgoing, outspoken, inquisitive, personable, and compassionate than I was before I started meditating. Meditation has also resulted in better quality of living, which is backed up by modern independent medical research. The breathing techniques in meditation have: reduced the “stress” hormone called cortisol, enhanced the immune system, reduced cholesterol, relieved anxiety and depression, increase protection from free radicals, de-toxify the body, improve brain functioning (through increased focus, calmness and recovery from stressful stimuli), and enhanced attention and piece of mind.

These experiences I have had over the past few weeks demonstrate the significant effects of meditation, and have allowed me to realize the inter-connectedness of humans through their sharing of common needs, hopes, and fears. I learned that when people come to know themselves and others at a certain profound and sublime level, bridges founded upon the best human qualities can be built in places where there were once seemingly impregnable barriers such as dogmas and petty tribalisms. I sincerely hope that experiences such as mine in these past few days come to be commonplace throughout the world in order to ensure that humanity can fearlessly and freely take on its most pressing issues in a conscientious and compassionate ethic.

~ by jsacc001 on October 29, 2008.

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