Enter President-Elect Barack Obama

Obama and Biden at Grant Park, Chicago on 4 November 2008After history was made on Tuesday, 4 November, 2008, there was a stirring speech at Grant Park in Chicago that heralded the new direction that America choose at a time when about ninety percent of the people thought the country, traditionally the most optimistic one in the world, was headed in the wrong direction. The celebrations around the globe and in this country were spectacular, and expressed the hopeful anticipation of what President-Elect Barack Obama would deliver to the world – a new dawn, a new hope, a new dream, a new solution. If there is one word that will embody the Obama Presidency, it will be “restoration.”

President-Elect Barack Obama faces the opportunity to begin to restore America’s greatness at home and abroad – to restore the “consent of the governed,” the “government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” the Bill of Rights, the concern for human rights, the peace, the security, and the global awareness and leadership that were eroded for almost a decade. The President-Elect receives his power at a time of unprecedented peril and many threats, but also a time to take opportunities to restore and rebuild what made America the Promised Land of so many, and the pride and joy of its citizens, whose help he will need greatly. Now begins the great endeavor.


~ by jsacc001 on November 11, 2008.

One Response to “Enter President-Elect Barack Obama”

  1. Where is the SKEPTICISM, sir?! Where?

    How can we have “consent of the governed” with any administration under the massive coercive institution that is the American government? If we don’t think that violence can solve problems, how can we think that anyone elected to the post of President can ever make a difference?

    Have we learned nothing? NOTHING?

    But full on anti-rhetoric aside, I think we have good reasons to say why this whole administration is coming in on a massively inflated sense of value. It’s like an economic bubble, but except with political expectations instead.

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