Imagine you live your life not by some ancient text, nor by the sermons of a pious preacher wearing a peculiar hat, nor by some supposedly magical celestial pattern, nor by your desires and fears about uncertain questions of human mortality, but merely: by practicing the arts of rational conjecture, inference, and reckoning. Then, imagine someone told you at a dinner party that your life was being governed by a “religion” (or a “belief system,” or a “philosophy,” or a “worldview”). Would it not seem quite amusing? I suppose that person could also be brought to think that “non-racism” is actually racism, or that “non-astrology” is actually astrology, and most importantly: that something can both be, and not be.

To this day, I have never seen anyone admit that they take this logical fallacy to be true. This begs the question: if people do not think the logical fallacy is true, how can they ever justify their claim that non-belief is itself a belief system?

~ by jsacc001 on December 26, 2008.

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