It’s Come to This

Can we just write off the GOP as a serious political party already?  One of the highlights of CPAC was a two-minute speach given by a thirteen-year-old.

Jonathan Krohn

This is who the GOP is turning to so it can get more political muscle and credibility – a boy who grew up listening to conservative talk radio for six years. This is the new face of “conservative intellectuals” if that phrase has not become an oxymoron by now.

It would be fo0lish to not include in that category the blow-hard, subversive Rush Limbaugh, and the raving neo-McCarthyist Michelle Bachmann. They are the adult faces of the extreme dogmatism that is isolating the Republican Party more and more from mainstream opinion. Their watch words are “individual freedom” (meaning “every man for himself”), “the people” (those whom they want to continue fleecing without restraint),  and “socialism” (rolling back the Bush tax cuts and corporate welfare). They have become the masters of newspeak. And the addition of this “wunderkind” is the latest edition of the Republican circus. It remains to be seen whether the electorate will laugh off this bad joke of a political party, or if it will be convinced by CPAC’s pseudo-populist, extremist diatribes.

~ by jsacc001 on March 1, 2009.

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