Islamic Fundamentalism Threatens Civilization

Being a Muslim in Los Angeles is different from being a Muslim in Isfahan or Jakarta or Amsterdam. There is much diversity in the Muslim community both cultural and political. It is important to admit that. However, there are also militant factions within Islam. The millennial dream of establishing a global Ummah, that unites all Muslims under one nation has been revived by Muslim fundamentalists. And it is the fundamentals of Islam that are a problem for the world.

It has become taboo among some leftists and liberals (they are not one and the same) to acknowledge this fact in the name of political correctness. It seems that they have betrayed their concern for freedom of expression and civil liberties to appease people who cannot handle criticism of their beliefs. People have rights; ideas do not. Once someone has claimed the right to not be offended, that person has also announced a hatred for civil society. It is unfortunate that some people cannot handle difference and dissent because there is a lot of diversity out there in the big wide world.

Rather than criticize those who wish to subjugate civil society because of the imaginary crimes of blasphemy and infidelity, wishy-washy leftists and liberals, who want everyone to “just get along,” and are too afraid to face up to religious dogma, turn their criticism on those who actually do want to defend freedom of expression. Often, these defenders of “offensive” speech turn out to be right wing zealots, who have their own nationalist-racist agendas.

Nothing demonstrates how far leftists are willing to go to get Islam off the hook than the 9/11 Truth movement. These people believe the government took part in the 9/11 attacks, while either implicitly or explicitly believing that those poor people who live in caves, and whose education consists of memorizing the Koran, are the salt of the Earth – that they are incapable of such unspeakable barbarism and bloodshed.

When the average New Yorker reads about the tragic war crime of Mai Lai, in which a U.S. army unit massacred hundreds of unarmed civilians, mostly women, children, and elderly people during the Vietnam War, he would most likely react with horror and shock. When someone in Mazar-i-Sharif reads about it, that person is not likely to have the same reaction. But, they would have the same reaction perhaps if they read how tolerated homosexuals are in Key West. This shows how much of the rest of the world has a long way to go to reach the moral progress some people in the West have achieved.

However, when Muslim fundamentalists commit an atrocity along the lines of Mai Lai, with a suicide bombing, for example, political correctness makes people quick to point to economic or political reasons for the attacks. Some people blame it on poverty, others on living under a dictatorship. If economic or political reasons sufficed to impel such cruel and inhumane acts of violence and self-destruction, then the next question would be, “Where are the Tibetan Buddhist suicide bombers?” There are none. “Where are the Christian Palestinian suicide bombers?” There are none.

It has become taboo to recognize the link between literal interpretations of the Koran and Muslim terrorism. This taboo comes at a cost. It serves the extremists in a multitude of ways. A former terrorist told how he used to laugh every time an attack would happen, and the Western press would proceed to blame the attack on Western foreign policy or economics, all while Islamic fundamentalism was overlooked. But, “Islam is a religion of peace” the politically correct would say as they ignored the centuries Islamic fervor bursting out of Arabia, raging across North Africa into Spain, up to Tours, and laying siege to the walls of Vienna – all justified by commands laid down in the holy writings.

The price for not appeasing Islam with the politically correct myth that “Islam is a religion of peace” is violence. Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn paid that price with their lives in the Netherlands. Dutch MP Geert Wilders and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali now face paying that price, as well. The threat of Muslim violence is also the pressure for establishing Sharia law courts in the UK, and making criticism of Islam a crime in the Netherlands. Blasphemy laws are being proposed in the UN by majority Muslim countries, and some that are aimed at prohibiting criticism of Islam have passed. All over the Western world, countries are sacrificing freedom to appease the 7th century barbarism of the Koran that threatens the basis of a free civilization. It appears that we are “losing our spines to save our necks.”

~ by jsacc001 on October 8, 2009.

One Response to “Islamic Fundamentalism Threatens Civilization”

  1. Let’s nuke those ignorant camel-jockeys already! Civilization has bigger and better things to worry about.

    Onward with Progress!

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