James is currently majoring in Biology in the Honors College of Florida International University in the hopes of attending medical school. He is a member of both the Phi Delta Epsilon professional fraternity and Amnesty International. He resides in metropolitan Miami, Florida. He graduated in 2006 (as a member of National Honors Society, Science National Honors Society, and Key Club) from Belén Jesuit Preparatory School.

The writers who have influenced him most are: Carl Sagan, Daniel Dennett, Bertrand Russell, Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, Richard Feynman, Friedrich Nietzsche, Voltaire, Susan Jacoby, Michael Shermer, and Sam Harris. His favorite books are about science, philosophy, politics and religion. He has written an independent study on the theory of evolution and ethics, and is now working on an essay about the Christian Right and their Utopian desire for a theocratic America.

Additionally, his interests include: consciousness studies, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, neuroeconomics, ethology, history, ethics, metaphysics, religion, evolution, medicine, bioengineering, sustainability, humanitarianism, civil libertarianism, liberalism, anarchism, nonviolent resistance, civil disobedience, travel, painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, and music. He can also speak Spanish, and is trying to learn another language (he has put the most effort in Italian). James is an avid listener of techno, trance, progressive, and house music.

James calls himself a free thinker, desire utilitarian, secular humanist, scientific naturalist, rationalist, strict Darwinian, environmentalist. His political views are progressive, nonviolent, liberal (in the Classical meaning), and utilitarian. He is intensely committed to opposing pseudoscience, mysticism, propaganda, and dogmatism, and advocating reason, science, liberty, and humanitarianism.

James spends most of his vacations volunteering at hospitals, working with physicians, drawing, reading, and exercising.

Header Image – © 2007, Paul De Koninck

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